XSdetect Nano: help index

XSdetect Nano is a basic system for analysing energy consumption relative to the weather, production throughputs, or whatever other factors are relevant. It can be used either for routine exception reporting or as an analytical and diagnostic toolkit using the simple but powerful technique of cusum analysis.

It consists of a compact Excel 2003 workbook. It is designed to be as portable as possible between different regional settings, and has the facility for multiligual presentation.

To explore its facilities, follow any of the links below.

Data source worksheet for recording energy consumptions and other related data
Analysis sheet to examine and analyse the relationship between any individual consumption history and the factor which causes it to vary

Overspend League Table exception report which gives an immediate assessment, in cost terms, of deviations from expected consumption
Assorted charts showing the relationship between actual and expected consumption.

Performance Indicator Report giving the 'Energy Performance Coefficient', over any chosen time span, for defined parts of the organisation.
Settings sheet for titles, language and currency format.